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Do you find that no matter how much you clean that there always seems to be dust everywhere? You clean one day and on the next it looks like you have not touched it in a month.


One reason this might be happening is that our carpets are releasing dust into the air every time we walk on them. The carpets in our homes and businesses trap much of the dirt and dust that is tracked in on our shoes. Once the carpet is full, then we release those dust particles into the air, where we breathe and covers the furniture when we disturb the carpet.

What can I do to help the situation?

We at Coastal Cleaning Systems are able to provide the best possible carpet and furniture cleaning to help you with your indoor air quality.

Our systems of cleaning contains no Chemicals that would cause anyone in the home to have adverse effects. The System we use is called Encap Green. This system of cleaning is also known as VLM (very low moisture) with an encapsulating formula. The encapsulating formula breaks the dirt and stain from the carpet fibers after which it encapsulates them into a crystal that is then extracted by the cleaning pad. Any dust particles that might not extracted are now encapsulated in the form of a very small crystal. This will not allow the dust particle to go airborne or attach itself to the carpet fibers again and the next time you do your regular vacuuming these crystalized dust particles will be extracted. This will leave the carpet clean and reduce the dust build up in the home or business.

We at Coastal Cleaning Systems are proud to bring you this low moisture cleaning systems. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible clean.

Thank you

Sean Qualls

Coastal Cleaning Systems

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Encapsulating Carpet Cleaning