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Coastal Cleaning Systems is proud to provide the best in cleaning services for the Hancock and Washington county Maine areas including Bar Harbor, MDI and Ellsworth. We provide VLM (very low Moisture) Carpet cleaning, hard surface floor care (hard wood, laminate, tile and so on), furniture and mattress cleaning and sanitizing as well as many other services. Many of our processes are Green Clean for your health and the health of our homes and businesses.

We at Coastal Cleaning Systems would be happy to help you with any of your cleaning needs. Contact us at or 207 479 4673 for a free estimate and consultation.

Pets bring much joy to our lives. They are part of the family. But sometimes our pets make mistakes and our homes become damaged. The odors and stains that come from our pets can cause our homes to smell and look bad.

At Coastal Cleaning Systems we pride ourselves on the fact that we have researched and tested the best way to help you with these issues. To be honest, some stains are not able to be removed, but the odors can always be reduced or even eliminated.

Most stains can be removed, but for the ones that cannot be totally removed, we can work diligently to lighten the stain so that it is less noticeable. Some older pet stains from urine will be impossible to remove. This is because the acid in the urine has “burned” the carpet or furniture fabric. In this case the stain will remain.

If we are able to address the issue before the stain has a chance to “burn” the carpet then the chances of removing the stain is better.

Odors are another issue. When a home has an odor issue the problem can be resolved, even cat urine. We at Coastal Cleaning Systems have access to the best in odor removal products. This can be the smell from dogs or cats, in you homes or cars. Our system does not just cover over the smell but actually removes the cause of the odors.

Our goal is to provide you with a way to maintain the look and smell you desire for your home or car. 

Thank you,

Sean Qualls

Coastal Cleaning Systems


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