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Laminate flooring is very popular in today’s homes and businesses. They are affordable and look great when they are first installed.

But what can you do when your floor starts to lose that new finish look? You start to see areas of wear. There are scratches and dull spots.

Laminate Floors have a very thin layer of veneer that is protected with a wear finish. This means that laminate floors cannot be sanded and refinished.  This being the issue with laminate flooring, how can you restore that new floor look?

We at Coastal Cleaning Systems are proud to be able to help in this situation described above.

Coastal Cleaning Systems has a process in which we clean the floor very well and then apply a laminate floor restoration product. This process requires no sanding. We are able to give you that new floor shine in just hours. Our products are all natural and plant based. There are no VOC’s that would cause harm to those in the house or business.

The laminate finish restoration process adds additional layers of the wear protection to the floor. Protecting the original floor finish, filling the scratches and restoring the shine. This is developed to add an additional wear surface. After the application is complete your floor will have that new floor finish for about 1 year in normal home use after which the floor would need to be restored again.

By using this process you will be able to extend the life of your floor and investment for years.

Let us at Coastal Cleaning Systems help you with all you floor finish restoration needs in the Bar Harbor, Ellsworth, and Hancock county, Maine areas.

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Sean Qualls

Coastal Cleaning Systems

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