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Q. How do you describe your system?

A. Very Low Moisture (VLM) and Oscillating Pad (OP). There are many different methods included here, but they have differing cleaning abilities and are quite different in application as well. Dry compounds are totally different along with foam, however bonnet and pad cleaning are similar. Although similar, they achieve differing results. Bonnets, which are used with rotary machines, are usually heavy cotton mop type bonnets; while OP is used with cotton terry cloth pads and an oscillating floor machine. The oscillating floor machines and cotton pads do a deeper cleaning of the carpets, especially in the residential setting. They also remove more soil.

Many of our customers describe us as “dry” cleaners, but we never make that claim. If they have used hot water extraction (HWE) in the past, they see us as dry cleaners.

It is our pleasure at Coastal Cleaning Systems to provide you with the latest in carpet cleaning technology.

Thank you

Sean Qualls

Coastal Cleaning System

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