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Rug Doctor® vs Professional Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning

By John Alderson
This article is for all you home gamers! Have you thought about renting a Rug Doctor® and attempting to clean your carpets and area rugs on your own? It all sounds good in the beginning because you initially are thinking that you will be saving money and no need to screen and hire a professional carpet cleaning company. Renting a carpet cleaning machine is fine for some; however, most don't realize that the carpet cleaning machine rental is far from a Seasoned Professional Rug and Carpet Cleaning Company.  
Pros Rental Carpet Cleaning Equipment:
Easy to rent
Work is done by your schedule
Cons Rental Carpet Cleaning Equipment:
Time consuming
Cleaning products are low quality
Can ruin wool rugs and cause dye bleeds
Low vacuum lift, will not lift deep imbedded soil
Carpets are wet for days
No heated water  
No way of agitating carpets to remove bonded soil from fibers
No stain removal spotters
Residues build up from not enough water extraction
You have to lug the machine around yourself
Risk injury
High PH cleaning products break down carpet fibers
No post protection from future stains
Home owners that have used rental carpet cleaning machines usually their carpets always look very dingy, abraded(worn), matted and just look lifeless from all the residue build up. I can also seen many area rugs that have been permanently damaged by home carpet cleaning attempts. You should never attempt to clean your fine area rugs EVER with a rental carpet cleaning equipment or home carpet cleaning system.
Professional Carpet Cleaning is a science, requires special tools and knowledge to get a proper safe cleaning. Saving your hard earned dollars for a professional cleaning firm will save a lot more than just money. It will save you costly damage to your carpets and rugs.  
We are professionals for a reason and are here to maximize the life of your homes most expensive investment.  Proper cleaning and protection will add years of life to your carpets.


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