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Our program involves a Complete Allergy Cleaning & Sanitizing System (we don’t just focus on mattress cleaning). We address the entire home (not just the bedroom). Why? Because it is the only way to give our customers the total symptom relief and cleanliness they desire, AND IT IS MOST DEFFINETLY THE RIGHT WAY TO DO IT!!!

A total cleaning and sanitizing system (which includes mattresses, pillows, cribs, furniture, along with a total home anti-allergy treatment) is much better.

Fact 1: Sanitizing the bedroom should be your first priority; this includes mattress, pillows, & furniture. This will make a huge impact on controlling allergy and asthma symptoms, as well as decontaminating the bed of germs, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, bedbugs, dust mites, and more, but it is as equally important to clean and sanitize the rest of the house as well. Why? Because only 60 percent of the dust mites and other pathogens that are found in the home are in the bedroom, the other 40 percent are found in the rest of the house, and most of those are found in the furniture they sit on every day. Treating only the mattress or bedroom will not give your customers the benefits or relief they expect or deserve. Cleaning the mattresses, pillows, furniture and treating the carpeting, curtains, ducts, vents, etc. with an easy to apply anti-allergen treatment throughout the entire home is the right way to do it.

Let Coastal Cleaning Systems provide you and your family with the cleanliness and relief you deserve.

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Sean Qualls

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