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Our Mattresses are not something we think about everyday, but we spend 1/3 of our life on them. The enviroment in our mattresses is very important to our health. Just look at the picture above. Knowing that our mattress could have harmful properties to our health should make us want to do something about it.

At Coastal Cleaning Systems, we specialize in careing for you mattress needs. We are a Green Company and would never apply any products to your mattress that would cause harm. Our process actually uses no chemicals at all. 

Dust Mites and Pathogens can not survive heat over 160 degrees. Our system uses a low 5% water steam at 300 degrees to kill all the dust mites and pathogens in your Mattress. 

This allows you to sleep on the best possible enviroment.

Fact: A ten year old mattress can weight 20lbs more than when it was new! 

That fact is disturbing.

Let us help you to keep your family and home healthy by keeping your sleeping enviroment clean and sanitized.

Thank you

Sean Qualls

Coastal cleaning Systems


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