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Coastal Cleaning Systems: How we clean your carpets

When you think of someone coming in to clean you carpets, you might think of a truck with lots of hoses and cords. All these things running thru your house and making a lot of noise. When they are finished your carpets are wet for hours if not days, all your furniture on pads so that they are not damaged from the wet carpets. I can understand your frustration with this process.

At Coastal Cleaning Systems we do not give you this experience. How about a cleaning system that is quiet, no hoses to damage furniture or walls, dries in a couple of hours, no need for any pads under your furniture and clean that is not only the best but also provides you with improved indoor air quality.

The Carpet cleaning system we use at Coastal Cleaning Systems is called encapsulating. What this provides is a clean with very little moisture. As a matter of fact this type of cleaning systems is call by the industry VLM (very low moisture). The VLM system breaks down the dirt and stains in you carpet and then is scrubbed a way with a machine and pad. This system removes the dirt as well as 90% of the moisture. Since we use very low moisture to begin with and then remove about 90% of that, your carpets are well on their way to being dry very quickly.

The reason this system is called encapsulating is because any dust or dirt that remains in you carpet is crystalized by the solution once it dries. The next time you vacuum the dirt is removed and will not reattach itself to the carpet. Another benefit is that when the dust is encapsulated it cannot go air born and cause breathing issues and dust issues in the home. Your home is healthier and you are healthier. This is a win, win situation.

With this system, it is a pleasure to have you carpets cleaned.

We, at Coastal Cleaning systems, also have a number of processes to help you with stains caused by humans and pets. We also have a number of solutions for you with regard to odors from humans, pets or mildew.

Let us at Coastal Cleaning systems help you with all your cleaning needs

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