Hard Surface Floor Care Dentist Office Ellsworth Maine 04605


The Floors in our homes and Business say alot about ourselves. When you show you care about how things look, it reflects on how we care about others. The Floors in this Dentist office in Ellsworth Maine are a very good example of how Coastal Cleaning Systems can help you with these projects. Here are the steps that we at Coastal Cleaning Systems provide for you.

1. We provide the set up for your floors using only Green products that will give your floor the disired protection and finish

2. After the set up is complete, we will come back to maintain your floor on a schedule that is good for you.(daily, weekly or monthly)

3.At the end of a full year of service, we will come in and strip the floor of build up and continue the process in steps one and two.

We at Coastal Cleaning Systems find it a priviledge to provide you with the best cleaning services in the Ellsworh and Mt. Desert areas.

Thank you

Sean Qualls

207 479 4673


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