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Green Capet Cleaning.

What does this term mean?

At Coastal Cleaning Systems we are proud to provide the best in Green cleaning advancements.

Green Carpet Cleaning has many different facets. One is the fact that we use very little water. The processes is called VLM (very low moisture) carpet cleaning. The VLM uses about 1 gal. of cleaning solution per 200 sq. ft. of carpet. Once this solution is applied to the carpet, we use the Hos Orbot orbital cleaning machine with an absorbent pad to retract 75% of the moisture from the carpet. This process only leaves about 25% of the moisture remaining in the carpet to dry naturally. This is only 1 quart of moisture per 200 sq. ft.  Depending on the temperature in the room, the carpet could be dry in as little as 1 to 3 hours.

Another reason VLM Carpet Cleaning is considered Green is that we have no waste water. In your standard carpet cleaning system, HWE (Hot water Extraction), the process is injecting many gallons of cleaning solution in to the carpet and then, with very strong suction, attempt to extract as much of the moisture as possible. This process has been used for years and has its place in the carpet cleaning industry. With the HWE process there is a tremendous amount of waste water that is produced. Water that is now full of chemicals that are not so good for the environment. This process also leaves a large amount of moisture in the carpet which, depending on the room environment, could take many hours, even up to 2 days to completely dry.

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