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Q. How does your system work?

A. We begin by vacuuming the carpet, then spraying a product like Argosheen or Procyon on the carpet. Placing heavy-duty cotton terry pads on the carpet follows this, and then our oscillating floor machine drives them. The cotton pads pick up the soil and you use as many pads as are needed to complete a thorough deep cleaning of the carpet. Then the carpet is vacuumed again while still damp, which is part of the grooming. In approximately an hour, it’s ready to use. The pads are then taken home and washed where the dirt goes down the drain.

The cleaner releases the soil, grease, and etc. from the carpet, and the cotton terry cloth pads pick up the soil. The fibers are wiped clean, but because of the oscillation, they don’t just pick the dirt up from the surface but deep down in the pile as well. The agitation aids greatly in removing spots and stains. It also vibrates to the surface particulate matter that has been held down in the pile by the matting of the fibers. The vacuuming afterward picks up the particulates that may have been vibrated to the surface out of matted carpet, i.e. sand, grit, old dry cleaning particulates, or hair, plus it grooms the carpet.

Furniture may be set right back on the clean carpet without the need for blocks or foil; it’s just damp and too dry for the furniture to leave stains. The only exception may be the very red mahogany or red cherry furniture.


Q. What are its advantages?

·         Quick drying time, which can actually be from 15 minutes – 11/2 hours on the really nasty carpets.

·         Safe chemicals.

·         Doesn’t take much room to store in your van or truck.

·         Carpets stay clean longer.

·         No wick-backs.

·         During the winter, there are no risks to going cleaning at 40 below zero, and there isn’t a machine in the truck to freeze.

·         You can carry everything you need into the home.

·         No truck doors or house doors that need to be left open, which is especially important on night commercial jobs.

·         There is virtually no set-up time with OP cleaning.

·         Many also can charge more for OP cleaning. Because of the quick drying advantages, many customers are willing to pay a premium.

·         It takes very little training to do professional quality work with the OP method. A person can literally clean their own carpets for training and go out and do professional work the next day.

·         It is quiet and you can do cleaning on many commercial jobs while people are working, which equates to less night work.

·         OPing is very economical, not only in the initial cost of equipment, but the chemical usage is also inexpensive.

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