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Green Upholstery Cleaning

Is your furniture not looking as good as it used too?

Do you notice that your couch doesn’t smell clean?

We at Coastal Cleaning Systems are here to help!

Our System of Upholstery cleaning provides you with the cleanliness you want and deserve. The system that we use has many advantages. One advantage is that we use what is called the low moisture steam process. This process creates a steam that is about 300 degrees but is only 5% moisture. This low moisture systems will not leave your furniture damp for hours or days but will usually dry in about 30 min. to an hour. The high temperature steam will loosen soil and food that is accumulated on your furniture and then the vacuum system will extract the dirt away. The High temperature steam also sanitizes the fabric. This helps eliminate things like dust mites and bacteria that might be causing our furniture to not be a healthy place to reside.

This system uses no Chemicals only 300 degree steam. This is a benefit for those who might have bad reactions to most cleaning chemicals today. We are able to give you the cleanliness you deserve without the potential harm from certain chemicals.

Our families, homes and business deserve the best. Let us at Coastal Cleaning Systems provide you with the best Upholstery cleaning in the Ellsworth, Bar Harbor and Hancock county area.

Thank you

Sean Qualls

Coastal Cleaning Systems

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Green Clean Furniture Cleaning